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    Default Exiting Checklist???

    I know that I've read on here that inspectors have been called/complained upon by sellers for not turning the AC off, or not closing the upstairs window, or not, or not, or not....... you get picture.

    Anyways, do any of you have an exiting checklist you go over with the buyer, seller, Realtors that state the AC is off or at XXX degrees, all of the sinks, showers, tubs, toilets, appliances, etc are off and have them sign? This way you have a signed paper with these items checked off as being off by the others (seller, buyer, Realtors) for purposes of liability.

    As I recall, Jack F. was accused of not turning the AC off on an inspection several months ago and the seller wanted him to pay for the whole months electrical bill.

    Just curious if anyone does this or if this is just too silly. I mainly thought of this for big liability reasons like, the inspector left the upstairs tub on and it flood the downstairs office....

    Just wondering.

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    Default Re: Exiting Checklist???

    Just because it was off when you left doesn't mean you didn't break it during the inspection.

    I'd have to go with "just too silly" or "Be happy, don't worry"!

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    Default Re: Exiting Checklist???

    when everyone leaves the house an the broker waits at the door. I go through the entire home again checking all thermostats, ovens , bathrooms ect. As I leave the front door I look at the broker and say. Now we can both sleep tonight. Adios

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    Default Re: Exiting Checklist???


    When I first started in this business I did use a similar checklist until it just became second nature to me to do all of these things.

    I always remind myself that I am technically a guest in someone else home (someone who isn't always happy that I am there) and so I make an extra effort to leave all as I found it. I think it is one of the responsibilities of a professional inspector.

    As far as the running the tub over, that is probably just a matter of time for all inspectors (or at least a sink), at least while you are still at the property inspecting.

    I have taken to using a water alarm on the bathtubs just in case because it is so easy to get destracted once you start filling the tubs - by the client or by some issue in the adjoining room that I thought "I'll just pop in here and take a quick look while that big ol' tub is filling.

    I always set the thermostat exactly ten degrees lower than I found it when operating the a/c so I know where to return the temp to.

    The one thing I always do, every time, is go back and check the oven before I walk out and lock the door (oh yeah, and check that I have my truck keys and or Supra key before I lock the door too! )


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    Default Re: Exiting Checklist???

    No list, just routine like Eric, a "mental checklist". I also take a picture of the thermostat before I touch it so I know where to return it. 90% of the time I never look at the picture, but I have it if I need to refresh the memory.

    Jim Luttrall
    Plano, Texas

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    Default Re: Exiting Checklist???

    More than 75% of the time I'm the only one in the home. Usually sometime into the inspection, the buyer and their agent will show up and stay until the end.

    Since I am the one who usually opens, I am the one (not the Realtor-- I don't let them) who makes sure the home is both secured and as I found it.

    My exiting routine is to re-walk every room in the home and look in to make sure the blinds are back down (I raise all in the home that are accessible when I arrive), then I check every bathroom to make sure the sinks are wiped down ( I can then visually see no water is running), then I go to the garage and make sure the door is down and everything there is as found. Lastly, I go thru the kitchen and make sure the sink is wiped down, the oven is off, the dishwasher is as I found it and so forth. As I'm walking out, I then re-set the thermostats, grab my bags (now next to the front door) and lock up. Outside the front door, I then pick up my shoes and also my wet-boots (used to check sprinkler systems) and I'm on my way.

    Pretty routine... no list. Just do the same thing every time regardless. I find myself doing this even if I didn't open.



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