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    Default Commerical inspection fire safety info?

    In looking at a simple commercial office building (set up like a town home), that does not have a kitchen, can anyone give me info on requirements for a building constructed in the early 80s related to fire safety such as: smoke alarms vs detectors, sprinklers, extinguishers, fire blocking/unit separation, etc.

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    Default Re: Commerical inspection fire safety info?

    That is just about an impossible question to answer. I say that because those requirements depend quite a bit on building construction, size, number of floors, etc. Also, local regulations seen to vary widely on these items. Add to that the 1980s was a long time ago.

    If the question pertains to what is required now, some requirements like that are not grandfathered. If it relates to liability, then it would take a lot of research.

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    Default Re: Commerical inspection fire safety info?

    In addition to what Mark stated, another major item to consider is if the office unit is part of a single building or is considered its own building.

    If the office suite is part of a single building, occupancy separation requirements would apply, however, if it is considered its own building, then a full rated firewall would be needed as the separation walls, and the design and construction would need to be such that that unit could burn down and the units on each side of it (which would also be considered as "separate buildings") would need to be left standing.

    On top of all that you would have ADA accessibility considerations.

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    Default Re: Commerical inspection fire safety info?

    Randall, in Canada, it doesn't matter what year the complex was constructed. The fire codes are enforceable at any time and (retro-active) to today.

    A building code review should be done. It depends on the type of occupancy. Some occupancy requires 2 hours of separation while other tenancy may only require 1 hour. It really depends if there is residential occupancy attached to this complex.

    Example: You would require 2 hours of separation if you have a discount store (high combustibles items, example Dollar Store) below or adjacent to a residential area. Same goes for an assembly room, a pub/bar etc... Hope this helps you some.



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