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    Wow........ so does a closet make it a bedroom, and is a closet required in a bedroom??? Please don't answer.

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    It is all general guidelines in real estate definitions only. No codes.
    In the 19th century there were no closets. We used wardrobes as part of our furnishings. Code-wise, needs a door and a qualifying window. Put your nap-mat anywhere you wish and have a good snooze.

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    Default Re: Closet, Myth or not

    Bob, welcome to the madness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Phoenix View Post
    Oh, right the definition...

    Don't forget that we here in go ol' FLA have the benefit of our own adoption of the ICC model code... the Florida Building Code...
    Also ... ... don't forget the question started from a person NOT in Florida.

    [quote]But, in the begining of the definitions section, the code specifies... "Webster's Third New International Dictionary of the English Language, Unabridged" as the reference for words not defined in the code...[/qutoe]

    Not in the IBC or the IRC, and not outside Florida - as the original poster is outside Florida, that dictionary does not take precedence, the code language does, which I posted yesterday, and is posted again here:
    - From the IBC (which the IRC refers back to), (underlining and bold are mine)
    - - 201.4 Terms not defined. Where terms are not defined through the methods authorized by this section, such terms shall have ordinarily accepted meanings such as the context implies.

    Oh yeah... that day bed...?!? Be careful... You could be treading on "Board and Care" occupancy there... Of course, depending on what you get for "personal care..."
    'Nuf said...
    I think someone's mind was not quite in the direction in which I was intending to direct it.

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