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    Default Flexible Cord Installed in Cabinets

    Good morning all,

    A recurring problem I am experiencing is the installation of flexible cord inside of cabinets. Typically the cord is running from a wall receptacle outlet, the power source, to a light. I have had this in the kitchen with under cabinet lights, Murphy beds that have lights over the headboard and living room cabinets with interior lights. The pics below illustrate the most recent install with under cabinets lights in the kitchen. And yes, they did install a duplex receptacle outlet to replace the microwave dedicated outlet for the power source. I have been listing these as improper installation based on NEC 400 (Uses Not Permitted) for flexible cords. Specifically, 1) Used as a substitute for the fixed wiring of a structure; 2) Run through holes in walls, etc. (even though cabinets are not stated, I believe the danger of mechanical damage and electrical shock is still present); and 3) Attached to building surfaces. However, I am now confronted with local electricians stating that they are properly installed because the cord is UL listed and/or they plug in (as opposed to being hard-wired). Your comments and insight would be appreciated.


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    Default Re: Flexible Cord Installed in Cabinets

    IF ... there is that big "IF" ... IF a Murphy Bed or similar furniture is listed with lights and wiring installed ... then that would make it acceptable - however ... when you find furniture with lights and wiring in the furniture and find a listing mark on the furniture, then you will not find those types or lights or that type or wiring. You will likely find low voltage lighting, special wiring, special connectors, and related components.

    Otherwise (i.e., that big "IF" does not apply, such as for your photos), then, no, installing those lights in that manner is not permitted.

    Jerry Peck
    Construction Litigation Consultant ( )

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    Default Re: Flexible Cord Installed in Cabinets

    Thanks Jerry as always for your insight. As far as the "listing mark" you mentioned, is there a typical place it is found?

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