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    Default Bathroom needs egress window?

    I have a bathroom w/ window inside the shower area that would meet egress size in any room, It is on a second floor and what i would like to know is this: Since the bottom is less then 36 inches from the floor do i need a "safety bar"? If i use a mechanical device to keep it from opening 100% would that be acceptable by code? or should i mechanically shut it close?
    Thanks for the answers.

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    Default Re: Bathroom needs egress window?

    There are four IRC criterias an egress window must satisfy before having it installed: the minimum width for opening would have to be about 20 inches,the minimum height for opening would be about 24 inches.It should have a minimum net clear opening of about 5.7 sq.ft.The net clear opening is the actual opening a person could crawl through.You could install safety bars but it must be operational without tools and still allow the clear opening.Caement windows are best used as egress windows since they have hinged sashes that can swing freely.They are most commonly prefered because their clear of the opening can be small and still meets the egress requirements.You can check out some review sites like ontario window reviews(Ontario Window Reviews - Windows & Door Companies)to check for good casement windows online.

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