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    Default Lintel installation

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    Default Re: Lintel installation

    Heck if the home is 30 years old and it had not done anything, I would not even worry about. Would not even make my report.

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    I agree w/ Scott. Generally, there isn't a lintel even used with arches anyway as they are pretty good at supporting themselves. That said, the flatter they are, the less effective they are at that job. But in this case, the brick load above is minimal. If there's been no movement in 30 years, I don't expect much if anything now. Barring some outward force acting on it that's not present now, of course.

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    Arches will support themselves after the mortar has set up. Until then supports (such as wooden forms cut to the shape of the arch) are used, or should be.
    With the one pictured where a lintel is used I suspect it did not have a stiffleg support in place midway & sagged in the middle, causing the ends to bow up.
    Wider door & window openings will also sag if not supported until the mortar has set.

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