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    Default Basement Floor - sloped

    This concrete basement floor drops about 3/8" per foot over a roughly 7' run. It is 'normal' over the rest of the basement. The slope runs down from the perimeter - about 2' to the right of the dryer (where the sump is located) - until a point about even with the left side of the washer (where the floor drain is located).

    The concrete is level with the sump rim at that end of the basement. Is it possible the sump was placed too high and the concrete crew forced the floor to match the height of the sump rim at that point, then let it drop relatively quickly to match the floor drain? Would concrete hold a slope like that whike curing? I would have expected a stepped-up area just around the sump, if this was the problem.

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    Default Re: Basement Floor - sloped

    Peter. Any more pics? Overall view. Concrete will hold a slope like that, just depends how stiff you lay the concrete. 3 slump or less would hold in your situation.


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