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    Default Re: Infant Killed In Dishwasher Tragedy

    It would be great to find out what was the outcome of the investigation into the death.

    Like many others I would love to know the Make, Model and Serial Number of the dishwasher. Manufactures are the first ones to be blamed for the errors of the operator.

    Still having a hard time of seeing how the child was able to get into the DW and then get the door to close behind him.

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    Default Re: Infant Killed In Dishwasher Tragedy

    Quote Originally Posted by britney View Post
    Very tragic. Looks like a homicide. I'm not sure. But how can a 18 month baby can go inside and lock from inside?
    Sorry, but did you bother to read the thread? This incident was investigated and determined to be an accident.

    As a retired firefighter I can tell you that children will very often insert themselves into spaces and situations that most people would have problems believing. My wife was a trauma nurse for many years and also has a ton of instances where kids got themselves into surprising situations, some of which were tragic.

    A child becoming trapped in a dishwasher like this is fairly rare, but it does happen. When the dishwasher door is open (or is opened by the child) the door and the interior of the unit is at the level of a curious toddler, as are the silverware racks. I am more concerned with small children having a rack full of forks and sharp knives down at their level.

    At a recent inspection of a newly constructed residence I found a new dishwasher which had a self closing door. Once closed the door was impossible to open without pressing the open button at the touch panel.

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    Default Re: Infant Killed In Dishwasher Tragedy

    Oh my, this is so terrible to read!

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