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    Default Garage Auto Opener Button Location

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    Default Re: Garage Auto Opener Button Location

    Nope. The garage door opener button should be installed 5' ft above the floor. The one in your picture clearly is 5' above the floor. It probably would be a good idea to make sure no children could reach this area (I doubt they could).
    Go this website and read #8
    DASMA Door and Access Systems Manufacturers Association

    As far as the railing goes...

    I believe the railing does not have to be attached to the wall as long as a 4" sphere cannot pass between the wall and the first rail and of course, the railing must be tightly secured to the flooring.


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    Default Re: Garage Auto Opener Button Location

    How easy was it for you to lean over and reach the button?

    If you think a small child, say under 6 or so, could reach over and operate the door, write it up. But, from the photo, I doubt a small child could reach it, at least not easily, and if that child went to that much trouble to reach it, that same child would slide something (even a paint can would do) over and reach it from the garage floor by climbing on it.

    A builder who builds multi-mil homes and sometimes had a hard time understanding the safety stuff I kept harping on for pool gates, latches, access, etc., told me (shortly before I retire) that he was sitting by his pool one day and his 3 year old came bounding out of the house toward the gate, hit the gate running, the gate did not open, back up and went for the gate a second time, only this time the little girl jumped up to a rock he recently placed beside the fence (I kept telling that builder not to put large rocks there, regardless how pretty it looks), jumped to another larger rock next to it, then was over that 4 foot high gate to the ground outside the pool before he could react. His daughter was calling 'Daddy, look at all the pretty ducks!' as he was still getting up and reacting.

    He saw first hand just how quickly some kids can size up an obstacle and find a way over or around it.

    Jerry Peck
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