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    Default Condensate Pump Questions

    As of right now I recently installed a whole house humidifier that drains into the same condensate pump as the AC, a half-gallon capacity pump (not sure of the make). Also, for now, I have the pump still hooked up to the drain line that goes outside. I'm certain this is not good since it's winter and pretty much near freezing during the nights, if not during the day as well. I made sure the pipe outside is on a downward slope as well. The question I have is if it's OK to run a new drain tube to a floor drain, roughly 30' TOTAL ( 5' up, 25' across, and 5' down) on 1/4" tube on the last 5' or so? Basically I have some left over 1/4 Polyethylene tubing that I'd like to use up. No matter what, to get to the drain, using any size pipe I will have to use a coupler. I'd figure I'd get 25' of 3/8 ID Polyethylene tubing and just couple down to the 1/4 for the rest of the way into the drain pipe. I understand that basically as long as I go straight up from the pump and make it all go down hill from that peak everything should be OK, right?

    Secondly, now that I think about it, when summer time comes, is it OK for the AC condensation to go into the washer drain, or is the old line run outside because it was closer/easier to just go through the wall with all the other lines?

    Lastly, realistically speaking, is keeping the setup as is OK? I understand even though the drain tubing outside is on a downward slope it may eventually build up frozen water over time, but I was figuring the day light could warm it up some to keep the cycle going until spring (or am I being lazy?).

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    Default Re: Condensate Pump Questions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rick Hurst View Post
    BTDT; I've actually found a much more useful article/website here: Don't Forget To Consider the Condensate

    Guess I answered my own question. It'll work, oh well, the 25' of 1/4 plastic tube was only about $3 anyways. Guess I'll hold onto it and buy 25' and 10' of 3/8 ID tubing with a 1/2" coupler.


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