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    90's model GE microwave and conventional oven (over/under). Inside the conventional oven on the front upper right side is a rod that protrudes through the interior wall of the oven and extends approx 8 to 10 inches. I know it is not the thermostat as I identified it at the back upper left. Any help identifying this would be appreciated. I told the client that its for roasting a hot dog. Then I admitted that I had no fricken idea. Said I know how to find out though.

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    did you get model #
    you may want to try here

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    I suspect that appendage is a heat sensor for the broiling element, no?

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    Could it have at one time been connected to the spreader brace on the element, providing lateral support?

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    might be something that has broken in time and the full extent of what it is, is no longer there. As long as it don't poke the cherry pie I would just stay away from it. )

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    That is a temperature probe used when cooking which gets inserted into whatever to find internal temperature.
    Example cook till 140 F. internal.


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