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Thread: Dryer Vent run

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    Default Dryer Vent run

    Got an owner that doesn't agree with me on a dryer vent run. Here is what I wrote up:

    Correction Recommended- The dryer venting is improper. The painter tape needs to be removed. The only tape allowed on a dryer vent is the foil tape. As a general rule the maximum unassisted run for a dryer is 25 feet which is about what the subject has. This can vary slightly manufacturer to manufacturer. For every 90 degree elbow in this line 5 feet needs to be deducted off of the maximum allowed. There are 6 elbows in this run which obviously exceeds this limit. Exhaust assist fans can be added to add additional venting force inline. Additional dryer venting information can be found here: Dryer Venting Guidelines - How to avoid dryer fire hazards. There was some water stains noted under the laundry sink, I ran the water for a considerable time and noted no leaking.

    What are your thoughts on this. I think he has way to many 90 degree elbows. They dont want to install the assist fan...

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    Good call.

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    Default Re: Dryer Vent run

    Owner Lanny? Do you mean the seller and did you do the inspection for him or a buyer?
    If buyer who cares if owner agrees or not? If seller, still don't care because your call is correct and that's what you get paid for. No worries.

    Jerry McCarthy
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    I agree with Jerry!

    Rolland Pruner
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    Tell the owner to get the installation instructions, which should have the maximum lenght information in them. Surprisingly in my manual, it allows up to 90 feet if using rigid metal duct with no 90 turns. With only 1 90 turn, it allows up to 60 feet of venting. However, it recommends no more than two 90 degree turns, and limits the length to 25 feet if there are 4 90 degree turns.

    Jim Robinson
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    Good call. Did you check to see if the flapper outside actually opened or not, somewhat, a little or fully?
    Six 90's is too many. Beyond that let the seller and buyer hash it out. I'm not there to argue about it with a seller. If he thinks I'm wrong let him prove it, because I know if I wrote it I will be able to prove it.
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