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    Good afternoon fellow inspectors,

    I was just curious if anyone markets to FSBO? (for sale by owner homes for those of you who dont know the acronym) I have spoke to various inspectors and some say that they have good luck marketing to them in the form of direct mail. The reason I ask is, this market appears to at least in our area containing more and more FSBO homes and it keeps rising. If you could find a good marketing message or way to reach these present homeowners and display the possible competitive advantage you could gain against other homes in the market you may be able to get a good response, hence potential sales/income. Any input would be greatly appreciated especially if you have landed any of these type of inspections. Thank you and have a great turkey day!!

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    Hi Randy,

    Here is a method to connect with the seller and get your message across. There is a much better chance of this message sticking around their home and not going directly into the trash.

    Using the link below, consider a picture of their home with a sold sign added in or the text "Sold" on the front (it's easy to do).

    If you see FSBO homes while you are out just snap a shot of the house and note the address or you could make it a mission and track FSBOs down if you find that you are getting a good response/return on this type of marketing.

    I would market this as a pre-listing inspection that will help them sell their house.

    Here is an easy and cost effective way to get that card to them with your information inside.

    Click Here

    Good Luck!

    BTW, I use this system/service and it is now basically free for me to use because I have recommended it to others. You can do the same.

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    I have seen the signs in yards by other inspectors saying "This home inspected and certified by XXXX"

    I for one would wave the certified by part.

    I do know a couple folks that market to the FSBO. They do make out. I am not exactly sure how they do it. I know one man that markets on FSBO realty sights and picks one up now and then.

    The franchises in the area spend a bunch or should I say serious amount of marketing dollars and have marketing agents that do nothing but market to all areas, FSBO, Relators, Realtor offices, Title companies, etc. etc. Their inspectors working their butts of and pay for all that marketing. That never made sense to me. Market themselves, work half as much, make the same money.


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