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    Can anyone give me some ideas on direct marketing to home buyers. Something that won't cost a fortune, like an ad in a real estate rag. I have found that marketing to realtors in my area is unproductive. I do get some referals, but not enough. The realtors are resorting to refering there own "sweatheart" inspectors ie: husbands, brother in-laws, sons due to in my area Hi's are not regulated, heck there isn't even building codes.
    If this does't work I might have to get a second job.

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    Where is your area? Update your profile so readers will know where you are.

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    Go to the search feature (old board) and you can find alot of good information on this topic.


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    You could go door to door!

    Rich had good advice, look at all the old posts under this topic. This has been discussed many, many times.

    Have you tried open houses? You might connect with a realtor that may use you. You may also meet the homeowner and get a chance to double dip - do thier house for a pre-sale inspection, and the house they are thinnking of buying too.

    Contact FSBO's and sell them on pre-listing inspection.

    Try to market to homeowners coming up on their one year warranty.

    Those are low cost ideas, and just might produce results. Spend the time you have marketing, instead of spending cash on unknowns. While advertising in realtor mags may produce results for some, I think that they don't really give you the punch for your dollar that other efforts may.

    Good luck

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    Work on your search engine optimizing. Most of my business is from people who found me on the web. I paid a company a couple of hundred bucks and my site ranks very well when you use anything tht has to do with home inspections in Brevard County Fl.

    I have tried mailouts to realtors, dropped brochures off at real estate offices and even a candy dish or two. The results were nada.

    A well ranked website has been by far my best return. I dont even really market anymore.

    Good luck

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    Can anyone help with Ideas on marketing. In my area the real estate agents seem to be setteled into the good old boys any wont look up for any new inspectors. I have done the open houses and letters and flyers and even coupons. Is there any other methods that I am missing to get this business going beore I have to get a 2nd job?

    John From Central NJ

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    Please finish your profile. Let us know where you're from.

    While you have time on your hands, use every minute to promote your business. If you don't have a job, spend 8 hours a day trying to get one, just like you would if you were trying to find a regular job for someone else. Work a night job if you have to to keep going.
    • Deliver circulars in neighborhoods offering presale inspections to potential sellers.
    • Offer incentives to Fire and police
    • military
    • teachers
    Always have an expiration date on incentive coupons.
    Join a local civic group: Kiwanis, Lions, Rotary, etc.
    Join a church, synagogue, mosque, whatever.
    Expand you network. Find some way to give to the community. They will give back.

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