I have been in residential/commercial building and development for 35 years and with the change in the economy had to make some changes. Over the years I have become acquainted with many bankers in our community. Five years ago I decided to use my years of experience and called on the mortgage bankers to see if I could do phase of completion inspections for draws in new residential construction. Quiet to my surprise I learned from them that I had the reputation in the community as one of most knowledgable and quality builders in our community. Now after 5 years working with several banks I have done stage of completion inspections for residential and comercial lot development, motels, banks, office buildings, multi-family, auto dealerships, drug stores and fitness gyms just to name a few.
I am now needing to revamp my company with new and better reports and was wanting to know if anyone knows if there are any associations that I might become a member of that might help with this as well as obtaining certifications. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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