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    Hey folks, just curious if any of you have used open houses with any success lately, it seems in our area there are alot more open houses with the current market and I personally have never went to an open house to market myself but I know others on boards have and have achieved some success with proper follow-up. Have you used an open house to market yourself with any success and if so, what approach did you take when you got there? Did you bring materials with, business cards etc.? What did you say? I am pondering the thought of hitting up some open houses in our area maybe say 2-3 or more every month and see what comes up, since I have personally never tried this method of marketing. Any input good or bad would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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    Some have mentioned they have done this and left a few cards with the agent.

    I can tell you that when I did this when starting my business all it did was piss off a few agents. They want to talk with homebuyers and not home inspectors. Most get slammed at the office with solicitations from HI's and when they are on a open house they feel like you are an intruder on their time. I know this all to well as I have family that is realtors so I hear all their complaints on these types of subjects.

    Another word of advice, if you are sending out emails to realtors for soliciting their business, DO NOT put the words "HOME INSPECTION" in the subject title. Most have spam blockers that will automatically kick it out.

    You have to remember the number of inspectors out there and if they were all knocking on your door, you'd eventually hide from them as I do when I see those someone standing on my porch holding a clip board or the kid with a box of candy.

    Just my opinion, your mileage may vary.


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    I agree with Rick... your chances of running into another HI on his way out is very high. The agents pretty much have to be nice but it really annoys them. All the agents are being hit from all angles due to all the free time HIs have on their hands.

    I've had some success stopping by houses in my immediate neighborhood if it's an agent I've met before. But, cold calling has never got me anywhere.

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    Its funny about what works and what does not. I have almost always talked it up with the listing agents when I was getting a lock box code. I never just pmped my services on them I just talked it about what ever. I think they appreciate that more than just trying (no matter how professional) to pump your services on them. By just talking a bit and being friendly you will be surprised how many will either ask you for your info or ask you to email them info.

    I have noticed lately (past couple of months) it seems they are afraid to have convo with you because they think you are going to push yourself on them.

    Rick is right approaching the realtors right now. So many are gun shy because they are being assaulted by home inspectors all the time.

    I will be honest with you. I have always found something that works, even tricks to get them to acknowledge you. Yeah well, desperate times. I am not sure which one of the multitude of approaches to use right now. Not much seems to be working. I do not have hundreds of realtors behind me because other than occasional emails I have not stepped foot in a meeting, breakfast barrittos, realtor office of anykind in so long I don't remember.

    I will say when I first started here in Texas that is how I got all my work. Thousands of fliers and card, MS meetings, Tues morning meetings getting 2 minutes to talk. It kept me busy until I got my feet on the ground and retrained my website for the area to come up at the top (that took a while, probably a year)

    If any of you busy folks have any new cool tricks I am willing to listen. We don't want to get into the amount of inspections I have done since the roll over of Jan 1. Pretty scary. I was busier the first month 4 1/2 years ago.

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    We go to open houses sometimes in the summer while cruising around on the bike, just to look at what's out there. I have to agree with Rick, the agents aren't happy to meet you usually. Unless no one else has shown up in a few hours, then they like a few minutes of company.
    During open houses they want to talk with a buyer who will make them money, not an HI.
    I wouldn't do go to gain business, it's a waste of time. I go because I'm curious and like it.
    "The Code is not a ceiling to reach but a floor to work up from"

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    I did it when I first started inspecting because I didn't know how else to gain business. Like others have said, it was not well received by some realtors. Most were pleasant enough but may have been biting their tongues. In hindsight, I wouldn't appreciate if somebody were hitting me up for business while I'm trying to make money myself. Imagine being at one of your own inspections and having a rep from Pro-Labs show up every so often trying to sell you something.

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    I agree with most everything stated in the previous two "AllStar" agents, I met at open houses. My wife and I would go out on Saturdays and have an "open house" date just to look at whats out there....yea I know I'm lame.

    We don't do it anymore. The last few times out, I was met with cold reception and I didn't want to burn any of my precious bridges.

    I'm open to fresh ideas in this stagnant Oh God help me market we are in.....



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