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    Anybody know anything about Are these marketing strategies worth $79/month? Thanks for the feedback! David

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    go here first and read up through the posts

    Marketing :: Index

    the Admiral is marketing savy.. he might know.

    Critical Home Inspection Services

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    Ken is a stand up guy, is a multi inspector company, understands the little guy and has been there done that. If you do not follow his stuff it is not gonna work.

    Peter Walker
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    I have to agree that Ken's information and support is good. It is basic fundamentals. Some of us know a lot of the basics he offers and then some, but he keeps driving the point of the need to market your business.

    Same philosophy for any business ... not just home inspection.

    As with any networking group you have to give as well as be ready to receive.

    His approach for fee structure is also very good. No contract, etc. Relieves one of the contract-commitment pressure. Try it for a bit and if you don't think it works then simply request off ... but remember it's a two-way street. Be ready to give as well as receive.


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