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    Default inspector paying the agent!?

    Just got off the phone with a fellow inspector from accross the river ( Ga.).
    He told me that a large real estate co. also owns the listing books that you pick up at the stores.
    Because of this (if I understand correctly) to do any sort of work with them or to be on their list of contractors, you have to pay quarterly dues.

    That may be OK for a landscaper or GC but inspectors? That sounds totally un-ethical in more ways than one.

    The same co. has offices on my side of the river as well. I never get anything out of them but I ain't hungry.

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    Default Re: inspector paying the agent!?

    That is one thing that TX got right (at least in theory) referral fees and paying to be on a "preferred" list is illegal.
    You might want to check the federal regulations RESPA (?) which also regulates real estate transactions, there are some limits about referral fees, etc. there also.

    Jim Luttrall
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    Default Re: inspector paying the agent!?

    I don't think they can do that on this side of the river (S.C.) but I'm gonna look into it.

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    Default Re: inspector paying the agent!?

    I have the same problem with "HUNT" reality's here in NY. I called the realitor and they said it was advertising and legal in NY. I think that is BULLLLLLL ship. I had posted this same situation not too long ago. I was told then that I should call the At. General and possible HUD. I have not taken any steps as of yet as I live in a small town and am fearful that my calling will effect me in other ways. To me and any reasonable breathing human, that this is not ethical and or legal.


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