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    Jest want to geta idea of what people think of this type of advertising. some folks up in OR. were fined by there ass. i have goten 2 leads out of it about what ive put in, seems like they are all low ballers, what do u think??

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    nver herd of thim or thir ass.


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    I have never heard anything good about belonging to Service Master. They take your money and give you leads that seldom result in a booked job. I have been doing this since 1994 and I have never paid for a lead and I never will. Spend that money on a good website that pulls up good in the search engines and you will be happier!

    Scott Patterson, ACI
    Spring Hill, TN

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    I agree with Scott. Focus your efforts on developing a website using proven SEO or "search engine optimization" techniques. I think you would be more successful with this approach.

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    A few years ago, I owned a construction and remodeling company. We invested about $300/month on service magic. I can assure you that the leads were almost always worthless. We did not continue using them because the leads were poor and the customer was always looking for the lowest cost or, simply shopping for fun online at the contractors expense.

    For home inspection leads, they charge $12 per lead plus monthly service fee. Each lead is sent to at least 3 inspectors. You can set a budget limit with them so that once the budget is hit, your leads are turned off.

    The few projects we did get were the very worst of customers. I will never use them again.

    David Selman

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    Quote Originally Posted by mike huntzinger View Post
    Jest want to geta idea of what people think of this type of advertising. some folks up in OR. were fined by there ass. i have goten 2 leads out of it about what ive put in, seems like they are all low ballers, what do u think??

    I used Service Magic for a long time. They slowly went down hill and the leads became much worse and farther between. I started with them when they only had three inspectors per zip code that they referred. The never announced the change in policy that they were still only referring three inspectors from a particular zip code but instead of just having three inspectors and only three inspectors in a zip code they brought it up to 6 times that amount and rotated referrals through all 24.

    Yes it has become a low baller referral agency. They use to pride themselves on background checking every inspector and make as sure as possible that everyone was licensed, insured and had some background behind them. They still do that but decided at 12 dollars per referral from three inspectors they figured where their service was being used so much that they could spread 6 fold the inspector throughout zipcodes. If they kept it at three then those 3 inspectors would be getting a serious number of calls . It would not have cost anymore than other areas of marketing when you broke it down to inspections gained per call.

    Many on here pay out five hundred and up for top pid slots per month and more. Thgru Service magic (at one time) if I were to spend 12 bucks per lead that would be about 42 leads. I use to get 50 to 70 percent of the inspections from those leads. Lets take the 50%. Lets take a minimum of $250.00 per those inspections times 21= $5,250.00

    For 500 dollars I could at one time make 5250 or 4700 dollars in my pocket. If they did not add all of those inspectors to each zip code that would have been the amount of calls or a whole lot more that I would have gotten. I use to get a few calls a week. Multiply that time 6 and then times 4 weeks 6x3x4=72 a month. I would have recieved 72 calls or so and even at 36 inspections at the 50% rate at a minimum of 250 = 9000 or 72 calls a month or 864 a month for those inspections referrals or $8,136.00 in my pocket.

    Yes at one time it was a good thing. Now it is just a bloated marketing company with millions upon millions (serious millions) in reveniew (profit).


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