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    Fellow Home Inspectors,

    Website development, search engine optimization (SEO) and link exchanges with topic related sites (like home inspection) are in my opinion, important to the overall business development and marketing plans for most home inspectors.

    While business is slow, I spend my time working on my website, SEO, blogs and link exchanges. These are after all, as much a part of marketing as visiting real estate offices, open houses and general networking.

    I hope this new thread will encourage some good discussion about websites, SEO and link exchange.

    I'll start:

    Please place a link to Selman Home Inspections on your website. In turn, I will do the same for you and help drive search engine traffic to your business, thereby improving your rank. Here is the link information to link to my home inspection website;

    Selman Home Inspections - Selman Home Inspection Company, is a full service inspection company based in Ellis County, serving North Texas. Free 100 day Inspection Warranty with every inspection! Professional inspection services that provide Accurate Investment Protection You Can Trust. URL- Home Inspection Professionals With A Free Limited Warranty

    Send a notice of reciprical link to:

    David Selman
    Selman Home Inspections

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    Default Re: Websites, SEO & Links Exchange

    Hi David,

    You might want to search this website for several other thread about folks looking to exchange links. You should be able to find many threads and others who want to participate.

    I for one have found link exchanging to be detrimental to my rankings. Why? We have had so many individuals who have quit the profession over the past couple of years, their sites are now dead links. This actually hurts you in the rankings to link to a dead link.

    I have a few links on my site, but they are inspectors from around the country that I have personally met and know. They also have similar beliefs about the profession and promote the profession in a professional manner. For the most they have all been in business for many years and will be around for many more.

    I would work on page titles, meta tags, keywords and page content. This will get you higher in the rankings than link exchanges.

    Best of luck with your link exchange....

    Scott Patterson, ACI
    Spring Hill, TN

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    I agree with you. Links were not my only interest. I am hoping to get some additional ideas about website development and SEO. I understand how dead links are detrimental and beleive that dead links should be removed from one's site.

    Selman Home Inspections


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