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    Default NAHB Green Certification Program Verifier

    Anyone doing this?

    I spoke to a Realtor yesterday who ask me about inspecting green homes. He said that many people ask about buying green but few do today.

    I always try to add to my certification over the winter and thought this might be interesting if it made business sense. I know a bunch of people invested heavily in doing Energy Inspections but few made even enough to pay for the blower doors, cameras etc.

    Anyone doing green inspections and making money at it?


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    Default Re: NAHB Green Certification Program Verifier


    The NAHB Green Verifier is for new construction. The "training" used to be free but I do not believe it is now. The big problem is the amount of insurance they want you to have including putting them (NAHB) on your truck insurance policy!

    "Green inspecting" is a different animal! There are alot of "training" and "certifications" for it. I took a course taughyt by the U of Fl that was pretty good. The ICC is coming out with a Certified Green Inspector Certification.

    I have found that most people really do not want or truly understand "Green". What they really want is energy efficiency. I am a RESNET certified energy rate and I own a blower door, a duct blaster and a thermal imaging camera - total costs approx $9000 (plus RESNET training at $1500). I bought them 15 months ago and I have recouped my entire investment mostly through Energy Star Certifications on new construction.

    I do not think I could have a large business in Green inspecting here in south Texas!


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