A relative of mine wants to start up a business specializing in termite/pest inspections. How many inspections does a business generally do per week, and how much do you really take home after expenses. What are the major expenses to the business insurance, licensing, and training?

we're trying to get an idea of what true wages are after total costs of running a new business. Neither one of us has any experience and we're both well aware we aren't going to get rich like some of these schools claim...but owning your own business and making 20k is different than working for someone else and getting similar wages. I know its a lot of responsibility, hard work and luck involved.

Are there long term health risks and illnesses that are common among people who work in this industry? any help and advice is appreciated. We were both thinking of doing our training and continuing to work in our unrelated fields and hoping to get experience through part time apprenticeship (more than likely unpaid..)

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