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    Angry E&O for new inspector?

    Is it possible to find 100,000/300,000 E&O with pool coverage For a new inspector for 2000 or less? If so can you point me in the right direction?
    I do have 9 years building maintenance experience if that makes a difference.

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    Default Re: E&O for new inspector?


    that not enough coverage--plus a pool--miss something there--$500,000

    i have 1,000,000---and have over 1000 inspections for $2100--no suits against

    your rate will be about training--experience and agreement and report example

    check with NAPLIA if you have completed a certified training class


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    Default Re: E&O for new inspector?

    E&O cost can also depend on your particular State. Some states have higher rates.
    I have dropped my E&O coverage down to 500,000, but I still maintain $2M with my GL. I have been with Business Risk Partners for about 5 years (FRIEA prior to that), if you belong to ASHI they offer a discount. Also a little know fact is that if you have passed the NHIE several of the insures will offer a discount as well. I know that BRP offers a payment plan as well, I think they require 25% down and then 9 monthly payments.

    I pay around $1800 a year(includes a limited GL policy and also covers radon, my EW work and few other items), have been in the business since 1995 and have never had a claim. As a new person I would expect that you will pay in the $2,500 to $3,500 range with just about everyone, untill you have a couple of years under your belt with no claims.

    NOTE: I'm required to have E&O under my State license.

    Scott Patterson, ACI
    Spring Hill, TN

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    Default Re: E&O for new inspector?

    We can help out, for $300,000 of full General Liability and Errors & Omissions, including Pool / Spa Inspections we start at just over $1,700 total cost.

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    Default Re: E&O for new inspector?

    We can also give you a quote for this coverage. We offer a range of limits, so I can give you options from $100,000 to $1,000,000 coverage limits. As someone else already mentioned, your premium will vary depending on which state you are in. Go to our website to fill out online application for a quote

    Have a great day.

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    Default Re: E&O for new inspector?

    Call : Target Insurance Services, 888.888.1613 X310

    Dan Hagman ACI
    ProSite Home Inspections
    Des Moines, Iowa

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    Default Re: E&O for new inspector?

    Don't go with a high deductible. Go for a lower deductible. Mines at $2,500. In many states small claims court limits are either $5000 or $7500. Most Judges don't understand the inspection process and will side with the consumer. So even if the claim is defensible most judges are going to award the consumer something. So the first $5,000 comes out of your pocket.

    Rick Bunzel


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