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    Default Home Inspection Software

    I am not a Home Inspector, but my friend is and has been one for 20 years. I am a business and technical consultant and am trying to help him out.

    He is sort of "old school" and is looking to try and streamline his process. Any recommendations on software to assist in reporting, particularly with strong iOS (iPhone, iPad) integration?

    Currently he takes paper notes (with duplicates given to clients at end of inspection) and photographs on an older digital camera. His wife then types them up in report form and he reviews before forwarding to client.

    He is looking for a tool where he can upload photos directly to reporting software and do most of the "checklist" updating and send it directly to his wife with verbal (or written) notes so she can update (he is a two-finger typer and need help typing stuff up).

    Any assistance in pointing me in the right direction is appreciated.

    Apologies in advance is this is the wrong sub-forum or inappropriate for this forum.


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    Default Re: Home Inspection Software

    This is from the Reports link on the left sidebar on this site. All are good..

    1 . Home Gauge Software - [Report link]

    The most versatile and modifiable home inspection program on the market today The software includes several different inspection templates (commercial, residential, condo, multifamily, etc.). For many inspectors, it has all you will need. You can modify these templates and make new ones. Virtually anything in the software template can be easily modified. Change column headers (i.e. Good, Poor Unsatisfactory, Defective, etc.) to any rating you want. Or, eliminate all ratings and create a narrative template.

    Home Inspection Software - Reports by HomeGauge - Added: (08-07-2007)


    1 . 3D Inspection System - [Report link]

    The 3D Inspection System is a complete solution for residential and commercial inspections. It includes 5 different programs that work together seamlessly as one complete inspection solution. This package is designed for the inspector looking for a complete report writing package and basic office management features.

    Home Inspection Software - 3D Inspection Software - Residential - Commercial - Marine - Environmental - Added: (05-13-2010)


    1 . Home Inspector Pro - [Report link]

    Home Inspector Pro is the first program to be designed from the start by Home Inspectors to run on Mac & Windows. You can easily customize your template to do everything from a home inspection, condo's, large apartment complexes and more. The program is currently used in 12 countries in 4 different languages. Use the batch photo add feature to add all the photos in a folder automatically and place them anywhere in the report. Upload reports online, email them to your clients, or print them on site. For more information and a free trial visit - Added: (12-04-2007)

    Scott Patterson, ACI
    Spring Hill, TN

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    Default Re: Home Inspection Software

    Be aware that it is likely that the transition to a computer-based reporting system will substantially increase his reporting time, even once he is thoroughly familiar with the program.


    Michael Thomas
    Paragon Property Services Inc., Chicago IL

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    Default Re: Home Inspection Software

    Home Inspection Software - Home Inspector Pro
    World's Largest Library of Inspection Narratives - InterNACHI
    InterNACHI's Inspection Graphics Library.

    If you have these three, you have everything you could ever possibly want.

    In order, I think the prices are about $600, about $100 and about $30.

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    Default Re: Home Inspection Software

    Another bit of advise to give him....write up your own inspection reports. I could never, in a million inspections, leave it up to someone else to write my reports; wife of no.

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    Default Re: Home Inspection Software

    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Bronner View Post
    Another bit of advise to give him....write up your own inspection reports. I could never, in a million inspections, leave it up to someone else to write my reports; wife of no.
    He writes the reports. His wife types them. :-)

    Thanks for the great feedback! Currently looking through all the links to see what will work best for him!

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    Lightbulb Re: Home Inspection Software

    Good Morning. Here are some blogs about an inspection software "allinspections" that has both a smartphone and tablet (iPhone, iPad, Android) interface as well as the ability to use it on the PC (to schedule and such). The goal is to finish the inspection on site via your smartphone/ tablet. New inspection types are added to the line up quite frequently. Right now allinspections has 4-point, wind mitigation, roof condition, WDO, and Texas TREC. Full home comes out on 9/19. Check it out, they let you do a trial.


    blog: FABI 2011 Conference: software solutions for home inspectors, allinspections

    blog: 7 Ways Home Inspection Software App allinspections Helps You Save!

    Hope this helps! melissa chaumont


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