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    Default Multi Inspector Firms Question

    Currently developing new policies for our growing company. Core inspector crew very experienced and professional. Looking to incentivize performance and limit call backs as we take on more inspectors. Is anyone willing to share any ideas or current policies in place which concern employees and call backs. Loss of fee percentage, penalties on bonuses...ect.

    Please, no comments concerning thorough practices, well worded inspection agreements and so on. Totally understand these foundation principles.

    Thank you all in advance.

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    Default Re: Multi Inspector Firms Question

    I've worked for a couple different multi-inspector companies. Call backs were handled by the area manager. The area manager was on commission also, but the company paid him $125 for each callback.

    Callbacks (things missed by the inspector) weren't that big of an issue. I can only remember doing two callbacks in the 4 years I was the area manager. Probably close to 5,000 inspections during that time. Re-inspections (items fixed after the initial inspection or going back to explain the mechanical systems because the client couldn't be at the inspection) were handled by the initial inspector and was an additional $125 charge to the client.

    If callbacks had been a problem the inspector would have been terminated. There's your incentive.

    Splits were performance based at the discretion of the area manager. More education, experience, availability equals a higher split. The more they attended company meetings and marketing functions the higher their split. But, if they started slacking their split could be reduced.
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    It's hard to make a policy that applies to every situation.... there are often callbacks that aren't the inspector's fault.... while others are.

    The main thing is that the inspector have enough at stake to do a good job. If he only stands to lose $100 he may not be so dilligent to crawl to the far reaches of the attic. If he has up to $1000 on the line he's more likely to do he best.

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    At one time a had two inspectors working for me. I would set aside an additional 5 % of the inspection fee (above what I was already paying them ) to be paid as a year end bonus for error free work. Any problems, fee refunds, or repairs were taken out of this 5 % pool of money. If they had a good error free year you could expect a nice bonus.


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