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    I was wandering if anyone here is doing repo property preservation work for Safeguard Properties? Is the purchasing of their special insurance worth the investment?


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    I don't work for them or with them. I do however run into their guys in the field from time to time; I look at a lot of boarded REO.
    From discussions with guys who work for them they get paid $6-$15 per insp. Inspection takes 1 min to 15 minutes., they do 30-40 properties a day. Haven't met a single one yet who actually lives around here. They all come from miles away for the day. All of them have said the time sink is paperwork and uploading pics to the system.
    Haven't been able to get any pricing for board-up.
    If you want that kind of work, that's great. I would suggest concentrating on better work.
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