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    Default How much would you pay???

    For access to the best inspectors in the industry to answer your questions quickly and for FREE?

    I pay a few hundred dollars a year to belong to associations in my local area which are great every few months when we have meetings and I've met a great group of guys that I can call.

    But, the first place I turn to with questions is here at inspection news... often even from a jobsite. And it's FREE.

    So, when I saw Brian's request for donations today I thought of just what this great board is worth to me as an inspector and business owner. Kicking Brian $100 for the great cause is nothing in the whole scheme of things and I'd gladly pay much more than that to belong to this group.

    I know it's been busy in most areas and we all have more rattling around in the old piggy bank than we did a few years back....

    So, if you haven't already, please join me in supporting Brian on a great cause (tax deductible of course).

    I followed the link in the "General Discussion" forum and it was super easy.

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    Default Re: How much would you pay???

    I got Brian's email a day or two ago. Lot's of bogus places to put your money but this isn't one of them. As in the past, I'm in on this one.

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    Thumbs up Re: How much would you pay???

    Thank you both VERY much!

    Yes, cancer awareness and prevention is very important to me. You can even say it is life or death.

    I send out one special email a year asking for inspectors to support THEIR loved ones touched by cancer by making a donation through my Relay For Life efforts.

    I do not ask for any money to use InspectionNews so this tax deductible donation is a small price to pay for a very important cause.

    If you feel the same way PLEASE CLICK HERE and support the ones your love with a donation. I would really appreciate it and those battling cancer now will be forever grateful.

    Thank you.

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