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    I signed up a couple years ago to advertise with a local real estate agency to advertise - a copy of my business card would go on their folders they give out to clients. I don't think I ever got much out of it, so didn't bother to renew. But the company they had make the folders (Corporate Communications, out of Canda, also doing business as and also insisted on a website they would build, and hid in tiny type on the contract that without 30 days notice, they'd keep charging my credit card $281.37 a year. They never send a receipt or any other form of communication, just to help keep it on the down low that you're continuing to pay them.

    This year my wife caught the charge and we disputed it, as I didn't recognize the company charging the account, and I'd given no approval for that sum of money. But I did sign the paper, so I am on the hook this year. I've given them 10 months notice of cancellation for next year, and will let my cc company know to deny them next year.

    I can't imagine running my business that way, but I guess if you get away with it enough times, it must be worthwhile.

    Anyway, thought I'd give a heads up to anyone on here who might get a similar opportunity. Re-read all contracts, and watch your cc statements...

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    Negative Option Billing

    The legislation above is for Ontario. Do you know what province the company is located?

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    I had the same thing hapen to me.

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