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    Default LandAmerica ... expanding ?

    Continue to get cards/letters in the mail from LandAmerica with a generic greeting and a wonderful offer to become part of the best home inspection company in the U.S.

    Seems they are continuing their march about the U.S. and attempting to grow ... I'm guessing in select states.

    One of their 'managers' called me a few months back. He was located in the Austin, TX area. Said he was looking for inspectors to sign on with them in that area. He said he wasn't interested in the DFW market at the time.

    Just curious to hear from others about LandAmerica.

    NO ... I'm not giving up my portion of the pie.

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    Default Re: LandAmerica ... expanding ?

    Never heard of them in these parts.

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    Default Re: LandAmerica ... expanding ?


    I find their stuff in my mailbox all the time. Makes great filler for my trash can.

    Tell me more about this pie.


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    Default Re: LandAmerica ... expanding ?


    Small slices these days!!

    I keep stirring and cooking ... every now and then there is one that pops out of the oven.

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    Default Re: LandAmerica ... expanding ?

    LandAmerica's InspecTech subsidiary bought the multi-inspection firm Home Critic here in Austin almost 3 years ago. I suspect they are doing fine but have posed no significant threat to the local independents to my knowledge.

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    Default Re: LandAmerica ... expanding ?

    I got an email last week about hooking up with them. I went onto their website and saw nothing more than PR -no substance.

    Eric Barker, ACI
    Lake Barrington, IL

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    Default Re: LandAmerica ... expanding ?

    I too get'em about twice a month. The make good shims for that unlevel table leg.


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    Default Re: LandAmerica ... expanding ?

    I do work for their commercial division. I have done some Phase I inspections and a several commercial inspections for them over the past few years, last work I did for them was this past Summer. The paperwork process to get signed up was grueling, the pay was really pretty good.

    Scott Patterson, ACI
    Spring Hill, TN

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    Default Re: LandAmerica ... expanding ?

    I tried to get hooked up with their commercial site and hit a brick wall about a year ago.

    I'm going to try again.

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    Default Re: LandAmerica ... expanding ?

    Rick, Better yet i love this my wife thinks im crazy but its fun. When the credit card companys send you the credit card aplication things in the mail. Instead of me paying to dispose of there trash i send it back to them in there prepaid envlopes and I ilke to put other junk mail in them like pizza hut cupons or other junk mail. they pay for the postage by weight and have to dispose of it them selves its fun to think that they get stuck once in a while.

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    Default Re: LandAmerica ... expanding ?

    LandAmerica Professional Inspection Services ...

    They now have about 8-10 DFW area HIs as part of their initial network.

    They have a good, professional approach. The environment may work for some.

    As with any venture it just takes due diligence.

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    Default Re: LandAmerica ... expanding ?

    I've recieved their solicitations as well. No Thanks. Same old deal: work for peanuts for someone else when, if you are motivated and have 1/2 a business sense, you can make as much or far more money on your own than what they offer. Personally, when I started my business I knew it would be slow going for a while and prepared for it. Now I make a decent living.

    As Mike B. stated, I haven't noticed them taking much business away from me in this area but I'm sure like any other inspection company in this area, they will get some of my business.

    I do know two inspectors who have gone to work for them (both in the DFW area, not Austin) They offer a sign-on bonus, some benefits, etc. I guess it would be good for someone who is really struggling to get going. Both of these guys did not have many inspections or experience under their belts so you have to wonder how many others that go to Land America are the same which makes me curious about the quality of some of their inspections.

    I have found that many of my clients prefer to have a locally owned, one inspector company do their inspections because they know who they are daling with throughout the whole process. I have been told I have been hired over LA because of that.

    From what I have heard over the last year or so, LA is definitely growing in this state.


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    Default Re: LandAmerica ... expanding ?

    I received a mailer from them last week in the greater Houston area (Alvin).
    I wasnt able to determine what the charge for an inspection, and what the inspectors cut is.

    I think I would prefer to stay independent. Otherwise, its just a job working for someone else. If you are interested in working for someone else, there are plenty of good paying jobs doing other things.


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