Hi Everyone,

Last week I was at the Vegas Inspection Conference and it was my first opportunity to demo the new app in front of a large group of people.

I knew it was a great app but didn't realize how great until I saw the reaction I was getting from everyone when I showed it to them.

I signed up more users than I thought I would but the biggest surprise is that there were 4 people that were SO impressed with it that they signed up on the spot to be distributors and get paid to share the app. I wasn't expecting that at all!

So here is a little something I wrote up for my LinkedIn page.

New Customer Appreciation App - Tap That App!

Customer Appreciation... Ya, there's an app for that!

Personal Cards & Gifts... Ya, there's an app for that!

A single card or hundreds of cards sent with a tap!

Tap That App!

Business / Personal / Holidays

Custom cards with your own pictures, handwriting & signature, printed, stuffed in an envelope, addressed and taken to the post office for only .93 cents.

Yes, it can be done and that is what we do.

It is far less expensive to retain a current customer or client than it is to get a new one and sometimes all it takes is letting your clients know that you remember them, you care for them and you celebrate them.

It is no secret that the had written "Thank You" note has always been the salesman's best tool to "gain and retain" but with the advances in technology most people have forgotten how important that is. However, it is coming back in full force and oddly enough, it is due to technology.

The excuse of not having enough time or that it is too expense to appreciate one another is now gone and that has everything to do with a new app recently released for both iOS and Android phones. In under one minute you can make a custom card with your own pictures or pictures from your friend's or client's facebook page, it can have your own handwriting & signature in it, you can include gifts, chocolates and gift cards and when you tap "Send" the card is printed, stuffed, addressed, stamped and taken to the post office for you.

Branding! Let's not forget how important branding is to a company's image and even an individual's personal brand. With the Custom Branding Package you can have up to 10 separate brand images to put on back of all your cards.

Want to know more and try it for free?
Go to: InspectionReferral.com

What to know how to get paid to share the app?Go to: PaidToShareAnApp.com

Brian Hannigan

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