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    I am newer to being a field inspector. I am wondering if banks only contract with large companies that can perform many services, to do field inspections of their properties.

    The inspection company I work for pays like garbage. I would like to by pass these middlemen to work directly with the bank or other financial institution. I have heard banks paying $100 for a basic exterior vacancy inspection. If so, is there a way to make myself competitive with the bigger companies.

    I own a window cleaning business that also does building cleaning.

    What type of insurance would I need to contract with the bank? Other than the E&O i already have.

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    Default Re: Help with marketing

    Waste of time, spend your time and energy on better ideas.
    "The Code is not a ceiling to reach but a floor to work up from"

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    There are seeral threads dealing with working for banks and insurance companies. Take a look, most not very positive on subject as far as time,travel, report writing and compensation.

    Here is one thread on subject :
    Mueller Services Inc. - Insurance Loss Control Surveys

    Good luck in that area, I think you will need it.

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    Make your question a bit clearer. Are you looking for ideas on marketing? then you can find a lot of such ideas on the net. I too have searched a lot in net to get the best idea to run a campaign and one of my friend suggested me this and researched about it. I contacted a guerrilla marketing services company in Seattle called Grassroots Advertising and they hold the campaign in an effective manner

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