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    Default Name for new business

    Hey guys, I've decided to start a home inspection business in Michigan. I'm well aware of how to choose a business name, from domain name, LLC, state searches, etc. I'm just looking for some opinion on some names i'm considering. Trying to find a mix between professionalism and being memorable and unique. I originally was going to go with HouseHelper, but am concerned its maybe too unprofessional or cutesy. Thoughts?

    Couple of choices:
    - HouseHelper Home Inspections
    - 360 Home Inspections
    - Adaptive Home Inspections
    - Echo Home Inspections


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    Default Re: Name for new business

    Hi Jeff
    Here are my thoughts..
    HouseHelper Home Inspections - Not sure what you are trying to convey with HouseHelper, except you are going after helping clients with their house. Does not really peak my interest, but the best of these 4.

    - 360 Home Inspections - Unless you have some catch phrase that has something to do with 360, or a logo that has some tie in,

    - Adaptive Home Inspections - What does adaptive mean? Seems vague.

    - Echo Home Inspections - again, is there a tie in to something Echo?

    Keep in mind I just looked at this and went with initial thoughts while reading them. Kind of like new clients would if going down a list. And its only my opinion. Your mileage may vary.

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    Default Re: Name for new business

    Welcome to the forum, Jeff.

    1st Call Home Inspection, LLC
    Rockford, Michigan

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