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    Question Hiring New Inspector - Questions

    Hey all, it's been a while since I've been here. Glad to be back. Looking to hire another inspector and wondering what you all do when you hire. Without going into numbers (unless you'd like to share), how do you structure your employment? Indi contractor? Employee? Splits with inspector? What do you provide the inspector and what is he/she expected to provide?

    I know, it's a lot to ask, but I'm in the planning stage and could use your seasoned advice. Reply here or email me.

    Tony Escamilla
    Villa Home Inspections

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    Default Re: Hiring New Inspector - Questions

    Quote Originally Posted by Tony Escamilla View Post
    ... how do you structure your employment? Indi contractor? Employee?

    First a question, and your answer may answer some of the other questions: Will that inspector: a) be working strictly for you/you discourage the inspector from working for other inspectors; b) or will you allow/encourage the inspector to work for other inspectors?

    If a), then there is no "independent" contractor about it, they are an indentured servant ( an employee).

    If b), then they may very well be an "independent" contractor, provided other things fall into place too.

    Jerry Peck, Construction / Litigation Consultant
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