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    Default A call to update and promote the "Cost of Business" spreadsheet program

    In a time and place, long long ago, Brian Hannigan produced a spreadsheet entitled "Cost of Business" which I finally purchased after seeing him demo it at an ASHI conference way back in 2008.

    The program is longer advertised, however, the program is still available. I purchased it and have used it to get an idea of my per inspection costs. It was indeed an eye opener. There are more people getting into this business across the country. Nachi folks popping up everywhere around Atlanta since it's so easy to start a home inspection business. They could benefit from a program like this instead of being copy cats on pricing. Most probably research to find out what others are charging, and drop their inspection fee in attempt to attract new business for themselves. In the meantime, it keeps the fees of the entire inspector population stagnant from year to year. The new guy here charges $350 for a home they could have easily charged $450 for. Happens all the time. Once they see the costs involved to run a business, some might react by raising their prices in order to actually make a profit.

    Brian, is there any possibility of you cranking this tool up once again and updating it? The reason it needs to be updated because some of the read only fields include fields such as "Yellow Page Ads" that are outdated. This can be substituted with a Google or on-line / social media field.

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    Default Re: A call to update and promote the "Cost of Business" spreadsheet program

    It was a very cool program.


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