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    Default Article: How to get the best from your website - Design Guidelines for 2019

    If your home inspection website isn?t resulting in new deals or business leads, then it probably means that you have a poorly designed site or marketing strategy. In the following chapters, I breakdown the myths and clearly provide an easy to follow guideline on what a great home inspection website constitutes. These tips are based on google website design guidelines. If followed correctly, they should result in an increase in customer engagement and you phone ringing more often!


    The home inspection business is significantly different from other traditional businesses. Consider this; as a home inspector, you really never get to meet your client until AFTER you?re hired. Imagine that ? by the time you jump off your truck at the inspection site to introduce yourself, your are already hired. That means, there is no face-to-face salesmanship involved, unlike in other business. Success therefore, relies solely on non-traditional marketing. So the question is, where and how should you market yourself?

    What do you need to know?

    Where to Market

    Well, since a home inspector?s clients are nearly always home buyers, and many of these home buyers are conveniently found online, what other better place to get started. Since, your target market is generally online; touring new homes, researching schools, emailing their real estate agents, shopping for mortgages, and looking for home inspectors, this should be your focal point.
    Now, considering that you will rarely get an opportunity to sell your inspection services in person, it?s important that your website be capable of doing your selling for you. Generally, your website (to a potential client) is a sample of what you and your report are going to be like. If you consider that, the you quickly realize that your business success hinges on how your website represents you. It therefore makes little sense to drive traffic to a website that doesn?t represent you well.

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    Default Re: Article: How to get the best from your website - Design Guidelines for 2019

    Please click the Contact Us link at the bottom of page and ask Brian about sponsoring topics.

    Placing "free advertising" posts isn't cool.

    Jerry Peck
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