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    Default 3 things to do while on Pandemic Lockdown

    Ok Although Washington State is one of the hotspots for Covid-19 we are not on lockdown yet unlike our neighbor to the south, California. However we are being encouraged to "shelter in place." Rather than view it like a staycation I think this is an opportunity to tackle some things that are on the todo list but never have risen to the top. Here they are with a bonus one:

    Optimize the website - If you haven't reviewed your website recently this is a good time. I look at all my local competitors and then pick a couple of big cities near me and look at who is ranking well for similar keywords.

    Adwords - Google changes the playing field all the time. There are lots of tools that can help you determine what are the best words to use and optimize the usage for your budget. Look at the word that are costing you the most and see if that's generating the clicks you needs. If the words are really general or your using display ads then your spending $$$ on people who are out of the area and not your target group. You can also call Google and get their advice.

    Update your report comment base - I try to do this on a quarterly basis but when I am busy it doesn't happen. this is good time to take an afternoon and go through the comments entirely.

    Last but not least get out and exercise. Exercise is great for state of mind. The Pandemic will pass and real estate will return!

    Be safe!

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    Default Re: 3 things to do while on Pandemic Lockdown

    Hi Rick,

    Thank you for the post. Unfortunately, many inspectors here just don't get it. There are a number of inspectors still out working, in spite of the grim warnings that have flooded us. I find it ironic. When clients don't listen to us, we roll our eyes, shake our heads and then gossip about them at meetings or here. But when every epidemiologist in the country tells us that this pandemic is extremely serious and that staying at home is the best way to slow the spread of the disease, many continue on and pretend that a mask and gloves will provide protection.

    My understanding is that Washington State is looking at doing what Italy and Spain have been doing for a while. Medial rationing. Triage patients to decide who is more likely to survive and only provide acute medical care to them while allowing the others to die. What a horrible decision.

    I have gone through nearly half of my several thousand comment library and done a pile of polishing already. I should get on the website, but just am not motivated to do that yet. I weeded half of the yard, cleaned-off my desk and am working on eating my way through a Pepperidge Farm chocolate cake. The box of Mounds is for later.

    Next on the list is watching Altered Carbon. Nothing quite like sex and violence to take your mind off of a pandemic.

    "Bring out yer dead"
    "I'm not dead yet!"

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    Default Re: 3 things to do while on Pandemic Lockdown

    Lisa Endza
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