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    Default Need another 7 independent inspectors who want a great price on social media content

    Greetings fellow inspectors,

    I've got a line on a "Marketing Department in a Box" package that I going to subscribe to. I'm great at inspecting but although my technical writing is getting me repeat clients and through those happy clients - word of mouth advertising, it is not getting me new business.

    In the same way that I tell my clients to get a competent electrician to help them with their home, I am hiring a competent marketing firm that "gets" independent service businesses and marketing. I know this couple-led business through a networking group and am contracting them to help me with my marketing, especially to write my social media content, because that's what they do.

    Why am I telling you this?

    Because they are extending this offer to me (and you!) at a great deal if there are at least 8 of us. Normally $495/month - we can get it for $195/month.

    They are based here in Alberta so I know I don't have to worry about the language, and because they are only supplying the content, I still have the opportunity to make sure that everything is technically accurate, in line with how I want to run my business and locally relevant. The deal is that they will be supplying the social media posts and content for some web pages, I will be doing the posting, the email mail outs and other 'grunt' stuff that I have time for and the skill set to accomplish. When things get back to "normal", I will consider paying for everything... the social media posting, the emails and other marketing as well. This package/service has nothing to do with advertising or pay per click.

    I'm not going to drop links or name-drop the work they have done. Google Melody Grant (who wrote a chapter for a popular Inspector Marketing Book) and Richard Bueckert to see what their company: Railgun Marketing (Canmore Alberta) can do for you too.

    If I can find 7 other independent inspectors in different geographic areas (obviously), we can each get the our own content package for $195/month. They will write somewhat different content for each company. They understand SEO (which this isn't) and understand that they we can't all have the same posts, or even too similar posts. And of course, they'll tailor it to our individual companies, areas and service offerings. There is no set-up fee. You'll get an initial set-up meeting and again every couple of months. I have never left a discussion with them and not felt like I had learned a tremendous amount. Ricks got a puny sense of humour and

    Reach out to me through this site, through my web site, or contact them directly for more information. I've got one other inspector in Alberta lined up so far. I appreciate this site and the other site where I posted this and thought this would be a great opportunity for anyone who wants to build a better social media presence now so when we get to go out and do some more business, the business will be there!

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    Default Re: Need another 7 independent inspectors who want a great price on social media cont

    Question: Did you contact them, or did they contact you?

    Jerry Peck
    Construction Litigation Consultant - Retired

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    Default Re: Need another 7 independent inspectors who want a great price on social media cont

    That's a great question Jerry - its part of a lesson I need to re-learn every once in awhile it seems.

    I wrote way too much in my post.

    Quote Originally Posted by Egbert Jager View Post
    I know this couple-led business through a networking group

    I met them through a networking group that meets weekly over breakfast. I have had a couple of one-on-one meetings with them to get to know each other, offer perspective and feedback, and become friends. Each time they have been generous with their business and marketing advice, some of which I have started to implement.

    They shared the "marketing department in a box" offering with the group. It wasn't really aimed at independent service providers like me, but I though about for a few weeks and then I asked about several geographically disparate inspectors sharing the cost. Rick explained the need for different content for each company (beyond just changing the names) and came back a week later with the lower price proposal if I could find 7 more inspectors to sign on.

    Egbert Jager
    Diamond Home Inspection

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    Default Re: Need another 7 independent inspectors who want a great price on social media cont is the only one that works.

    Lisa Endza
    Director of Communication

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