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    Default advertising in real estate mags

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    Default Re: advertising in real estate mags

    Tim, different advertising mediums vary in effectiveness from area to area. There are some HI directory websites that reguarly get me business and work well for me in my area. But HIs from different areas have said the same site gets them nothing. I personally have never advertised in the real estate listing magazines so I cannot speak for their return.

    The only way you may know if it works is by rolling the dice and plunking down a few bucks. Trial and error.

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    Default Re: advertising in real estate mags

    If i spend a Buck i want 3 back. I have never got that from any real estate mags. I have paid money to support agents and never got me one inspection from it.

    Not for me.

    I like the one on one with real estate agents.



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    Default Re: advertising in real estate mags

    I advertise in the local mag in my area.

    The Realtors have to pay to advertise in it too.

    It has a better return than any other paid advertising I have done.

    Different things work in different areas.

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    Default Re: advertising in real estate mags

    Back in 05 when I had money to burn I ran a monthly ad in a real estate publication. It wasn't a home sale book like you're talking about but it's somethig that every licensed agent received a copy of. Most the agents I talked to confessed they usually at least thumbed through it each month.

    Anyway, after a year and several thousand dollars I didn't ever hear of a single job that came from it. Neeless to say, I'm pretty down on ads that basically targeted at a huge population. I have MUCH better luck with direct mail.

    Basically, ads in magazines and books are just too expensive for what you get.


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