I mentioned this on a thread a couple weeks ago and just got some confirmation from our licensing board via a local association.

I believe the company in question was Servicemagic and the state fined several guys who were using them.

The state Contractor's Board has now revised our SoP and basically don't allow any payment for referrals to a thrid party that is involved in the transaction.

Basically, if you end up on a referral list it needs to be on your own merit and because you do a good job. Not because you were the highest bidder.

I'm not sure about what, if any, impact this has on paying for page rankings on Google and similar sights. That wasn't addressed in the information I received. I can see the point of the rule and really don't have that big of a problem with it. I'm sure others will disagree. I don't agree with the state's action to fine the guys using this since it was a gray area at best before.

I imagine the question about page rankings has come up and one could call the contractor's board to see what they say. Keeping in mind they tend to be a bit quick to tell you a firm NO to pretty much anything you ask just because it's the easiest answer for them.

I imagine there will be some further clarification at some point.

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