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Thread: AIG and E&O??

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    Default AIG and E&O??

    With the news about AIG possibly going under I started to wonder what type of impact that will have on our E&O insurance that is underwritten by them?
    I know that FREIA and a few others use AIG or one of their subsidiaries.

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    Scott -

    I've been fielding questions about this since the news broke. There is no need for concern at this point. AIG, as most people know, is a holding company with roughly 47 subsidiary insurance companies. National Union Fire Insurance Company is FREA's underwriting company. Which is a profitable subsidiary for AIG. The ones who are in trouble are those which have a heavy stake in the investments geared toward securties backed by subprime mortgages.

    There is a good article on CNN which gives some good insight on this topic. Check it out.

    Five common AIG questions answered - Sep. 16, 2008


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