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    Default Do You Listen to Podcasts?

    Who here takes advantage of listening to podcasts during their down time or driving to and from inspections? There are tons of podcasts out there on all subjects. There are also about half a dozen home inspection podcasts put out by industry colleagues to help pass some time. If you aren't familiar with them, you can find them here. Hope this helps.

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    Default Re: Do You Listen to Podcasts?

    I spend enough time on home inspection, meetings, conferences, education, and related stuff. I find that I get frustrated with the often incorrect (in my opinion) commentary by other inspectors.

    I listen to 99 Percent Invisible, Short Wave, Ear Hustle, Cautionary Tales, and Wait Wait Don't Tell Me. Podcasts that are much removed from home inspection.

    Sometimes, I just want to not think about inspecting.

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    Default Re: Do You Listen to Podcasts?
    long live lounge music
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    Thanks for the link you shared. I am looking to buy tires here, can someone advise me for the ford f150

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