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    Default Multi wire circuit?

    Yesterday inspecting a service panel and saw two 20 amp breakers tied together with a trip tie. There was a black wire in one breaker and a red wire in the other. Each wire originated from a different knock out in the panel and each had a neutral wire at the neutral bus. I have read up on multi wire circuits but these did not appear to be sharing the neutral as each had their own neutral and ground wires at their respective busses. The multi wire circuit concept is confusing enough but this issue made no sense to me. See photo of breaker below. The breaker was not labeled either.

    Any input is appreciated, There were plenty of other serious problems with the electrical system so an electrician was recommended but I may not get to find out what he says about this issue.



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    Default Re: Multi wire circuit?

    One thing it is not is a multi-wire circuit.

    It probably is two 120 volt circuits and the only breaker the electrician had at the time was a double pole - not needed, but not wrong either. There is nothing wrong (meaning against code) with having one breaker trip another. Not convenient either, but code does not address convenience.

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    Default Re: Multi wire circuit?


    Thanks as usual!


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    Cool Re: Multi wire circuit?

    Looks like dishwasher and disposer circuits, except there is not a shared neutral conductor.


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