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    Default Grounding System?

    I was recently in this condo which was part of a large apartment complex being converted into condos. I opened up the main electrical panel and I did not find a single ground wire inside the panel. The branch circuits had no grounds coming to the panel, there was no main grounding system, I found no other panels in the unit. I opened up several of the outlets and found ground wires connected to the grounding terminals. The complex was 41 to 50 years old. All the outlets appeared to be grounded but where did the ground wires go? Where was the grounding system? I'm definately not an electrical genius so I need some assistance on this one. Any info will be helpful. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Grounding System?


    I'm going to guess that it was wired with a metallic conduit system where the metal conduit serves as the grounding path.

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    Default Re: Grounding System?

    Now that you mention it, I do remember seeing metal conduit leaving an outlet so that must be the case. I've not run into that setup before so it threw me for a loop. Thanks for the info.


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