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    Default free course at UL University

    Do you have a UL White Book? Know How to use the UL White Book? Want to learn how? Click on the following link for a free online course on UL University.

    UL University - Understanding and Using the 2008 UL White Book

    Learn why many consider the UL White Book as Part 2 of the NEC and without a UL White Book, it is very difficult to determine compliance with the Code.
    - For more information about UL, its Marks, and its services for
    EMC, quality registrations and product certifications for global
    markets, please access our web sites at Underwriters Laboratories Inc. and
    Underwriters' Laboratories of Canada or contact your local sales representative. --

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    Default Re: free course at UL University


    Thank you for that link.

    My knowledge of using the UL White Book has slipped and I can certainly use some more training in it.

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