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Thread: AFCI Exception

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    Default AFCI Exception

    I inspected a home that had new service equipment.

    I noticed that there were no AFCI breakers in the panel. I questioned this and the electrician told me that an amendment was made to the electrical code that states - AFCI breakers are not required for a service upgrade??

    Can anyone confirm and provide the language for this exception?

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    Default Re: AFCI Exception

    There is no exception because there is no requirement.

    Replacing the service has nothing to do with the circuits needing AFCI protection.

    *Installing new circuits* would be different, were any "new" circuits installed? If so, *those* new circuits would require AFCI protection.

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    Default Re: AFCI Exception

    There does appear to be a violation of the requirement for the cables to be secured within 12" of the panel.


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