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    If the main breaker is at the meter, then that panel isn't the service equipment, it is just a panel (ALERT! WARNING! DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES USE THE "S" WORD!!!!!!!!) and the neutrals and grounds need to be separated and neutrals "floating" with regard to the enclosure and grounds bonded to the enclosure.
    Also, that there meter needs proper clearance around it.
    Notice I'm not really answering your question.
    There are more than 6 handles in that panel, so it needs its own main disconnect, which should not be larger than what's listed.
    If the conductors from the 200 amp disconnect to this panel are rated for at least 200 amps, then that should be ok, is my thinking.

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    Default Re: Main breaker rating

    The bottom of the atached page shows the rating of the main breaker and main lugs on the Homeline panels. Hope it helps answer your question!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RobertSmith View Post
    "100 A Max. in load centers with 125 A Max mains rating".

    This statement does mean that the maximum rated main breaker can only be 125 amp?
    The way I read that is 'for load centers with 125 amp mains, whatever the double+ is indicating is limited to 100 amp max'. But I can't read the label clearly enough to see what the double+ is referring to.

    Would that apply to the mains? No.

    Some where on the label, out of view, it should state 'XXX amp main rating', which would indicate the rating of the mains (in this case, the bus bars).

    My guess is that the double+ is after something which refers to the branch breaker tab maximum size, and 100 amp is not uncommon for that rating, although some are 125 amp, 150 amp, not sure if I've seen a 200 amp rated branch breaker tab - but there could be some.

    The other answers were quicker, so I ignored those items.

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    Default Re: Main breaker rating


    No idiocy. Electricity is difficult stuff and I still pick up stuff from seminars and come away wondering how I didn't learn it earlier.

    There was a topic either here or on the ASHI forum about anchoring ranges against tipping. Now I have never checked ranges for tipping - no excuse - it just never occurred to me - DUH!

    It's why I still go to so many CE classes - I'm afraid of what I still don't know.

    Eric Barker, ACI
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