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    I've never seen a panel wired from a service this way. This is the outside service equipment with some kind of clamps used to splice into main service wires to power a panel next to service. Is this allowed? Also saw on same house (sorry no pictures) a 40 Amp breaker in panel feeding another panel with a 125 amp main breaker. The wire feeding panel from 40 Amp breaker was sized appropiately but is now being protected by 125 Amp breaker. Is that wire undersized?

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    What's missing? The size of the breaker in the service panel, the size of the attached wire, and the rating of the small panel. Without that info it's impossible to tell if the small panel is rated for the wire feeding it.

    Just looking at the picture I would GUESS the small panel is probably good for 100-125 AMPS and that the breaker in the service panel is 150 AMP based on the APPARENT size of the wire. Again, only a guess. Needs to be checked.

    No. The 125 AMP breaker serves as a main disconnect. The wiring is protected by the 40 AMP breaker.

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