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    I got a sneek peak at the home I am inspecting tomorow, placing the radon monitor. The home has a Federal service panel with fuses. I am looking for the best verbage to tell the client to change it.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Reilly View Post
    with fuses

    "with fuses" is key.

    Those do not have any of the problems which are associated with FPE breaker panels, however, they have all of the problems associated with fuse panels, which include ...

    Many insurance companies will not write an insurance policy on a house with a fuse panel.

    Plainly and simply put that means they may not get insurance for it, which means they may not get a mortgage for it.

    From the fuse panel you will want to know what type of wiring is in the house too, as there may be problems with the wiring:

    Knob and tube and many insurance companies do not write insurance policies for them either.

    Rubber insulated and the wiring insulation is most likely shot and the house may need re-wiring.

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    Thanks Jerry,

    I was quite aware they did not have the same problem as the circuit breaker panels. Still that name just raises the hair on the back of the neck.


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