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    Default Unknown Service Panel

    Came across this service panel circa 1964 today and am unable to identify the brand or the size of the disconnect. There were no markings in the cabinet, on the deadfront or access cover. I also looked at the meter base and could not identify anything accessible pertaining to the panel.

    How would you explain the means of disconnect to a client?

    Any replies or insight are greatly appreciated.

    Phil K.
    Clio, CA

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    Default Re: Unknown Service Panel

    If you could not see anything to get sizing information from, wire size, breaker size, panel rating, etc., then explain it just like you did.

    You cannot see what it not there, painted over, or worn off.

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    Default Re: Unknown Service Panel

    without pictures we can not be of too much assistance.
    write it up as being unidentifiable due to lack of labeling and years of paint


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