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    Default GFCI receptacle on GFCI breaker

    I tested a GFCI receptacle by pressing its test button. The power went off, but pressing the reset button would not reset it. Later, I found a GFCI breaker in the panel. When I reset the breaker the outlet once again worked - apparently both on the same circuit.

    Apart from the inconvenience is there a safety risk? (they could swap this receptacle for the non-GFCI in the bathroom - which isn't protected by a GFCI breaker)

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    Default Re: GFCI receptacle on GFCI breaker

    Just inconvenient, as you found out.

    No real sense to it and nothing wrong with it.

    I'm guessing that whoever installed that GFCI breaker thought it was protecting the bathroom circuits instead of whatever it is protecting.

    Instead of removing the receptacle why not just move the circuit conductors from one breaker to the other, provided they both have the same 20 amp rating.

    Not saying that you should make that suggestion, but you are suggesting (sounds like anyway) they move the receptacle, changing the breaker would be easier.

    You really should not be making those types of suggestions as (like I pointed out) there may be other and possibly better options - let the electrician make the best choice, don't let the electrician 'do it like the home inspector said' and then there be a problem later on from having done it that way and the electrician blames you.

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